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Effect of storage on leaching of minerals and nitrogen from asparagus and peas during cooking


Harriet Morgan Fyler
J. T. Manchesian

Authors Affiliations

Harriet Morgan Fyler was Assistant Professor of Home Economics and Assistant Home Economist in the Experiment Station; resigned June 30, 1937; J. T. Manchesian was Analyst in the Experiment Station; resigned January 22, 1938.

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Hilgardia 11(7):295-314. DOI:10.3733/hilg.v11n07p295. June 1938.

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Fresh green asparagus and peas are recognized as highly nutritious vegetables and, when properly cooked, good sources of minerals. California produces more than half of all the asparagus in this country for both canning and marketing, and a large proportion of peas for marketing fresh, for canning, and for quick freezing. Asparagus and peas produced here are stored for various periods before reaching the consumer. Several days usually elapse between the harvest of the vegetables and their consumption. As has been known for some time, asparagus and peas undergo significant changes during storage. Bisson, Jones, and Robbins(1)5 report changes in crude fiber, sugar, dry matter, and weight of asparagus stored at various temperatures for various periods.

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Fyler H, Manchesian J. 1938. Effect of storage on leaching of minerals and nitrogen from asparagus and peas during cooking. Hilgardia 11(7):295-314. DOI:10.3733/hilg.v11n07p295
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