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The digestibility of bur clover as affected by exposure to sunlight and rain
H. R. Guilbert and S. W. Mead
May 1931 pp1-12, DOI#10.3733/hilg.v06n01p001
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The effect of leaching on the nutritive value of forage plants
H. R. Guilbebt and S. W. Mead and H. C. Jackson
May 1931 pp13-26, DOI#10.3733/hilg.v06n01p013
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Burrows of the Sacramento Valley pocket gopher in flood-irrigated alfalfa fields
Milton A. Miller
January 1957 pp431-452, DOI#10.3733/hilg.v26n08p431
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Comparative studies with labeled herbicides on woody plants
S. Yamaguchi and A. S. Crafts
October 1959 pp171-204, DOI#10.3733/hilg.v29n04p171
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Ecology of pocket gophers with emphasis on Thomomys bottae mewa
Walter E. Howard and Henry E. Childs
November 1959 pp277-358, DOI#10.3733/hilg.v29n07p277
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Regional location of cattle feeding — A spatial equilibrium analysis
G. A. King and L. F. Schrader
July 1963 pp331-416, DOI#10.3733/hilg.v34n10p331
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Microenvironment of a dynamic annual community in relation to range improvement
R. A. Evans and B. L. Kay and J. A. Young
March 1975 pp79-102, DOI#10.3733/hilg.v43n03p079
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The effects of different pasture and rangeland ecosystems on the annual dynamics of insects in cattle droppings
Richard W. Merritt and John R. Anderson
May 1977 pp31-70, DOI#10.3733/hilg.v45n02p031
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The feral hog at Dye Creek Ranch, California
Reginald H. Barrett
December 1978 pp283-355, DOI#10.3733/hilg.v46n09p283
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Reactions of northern California grass-woodland to vegetational type conversions
H. F. Heady and M. D. Pitt
April 1979 pp51-73, DOI#10.3733/hilg.v47n03p051
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Impact of the desert pupfish, Cyprinodon macularius, and Gambusia affinis affinis on fauna in pond ecosystems
L. L. Walters and E. F. Legner
February 1980 pp1-18, DOI#10.3733/hilg.v48n03p018
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Germinable seeds and periodicity of germination in annual grasslands
J. A. Young and R. A. Evans and C. A. Raguse and J. R. Larson
February 1981 pp1-37, DOI#10.3733/hilg.v49n02p037
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Annual grassland ecosystem model
Dennis F. Pendleton and John W. Menke and William A. Williams and Robert G. Woodmansee
April 1983 pp1-44, DOI#10.3733/hilg.v51n01p044
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Distribution and ecology of stream fishes in the San Francisco Bay drainage
R. A. Leidy
October 1984 pp1-177, DOI#10.3733/hilg.v52n08p175
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Nutritive value of sheep diets on coastal California annual range
R. E. Rosiere and D. T. Torell
January 1985 pp1-19, DOI#10.3733/hilg.v53n01p019
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An ecological comparison of spiders from urban and natural habitats in California
Jack B. Fraser and Gordon W. Frankie
March 1986 pp1-24, DOI#10.3733/hilg.v54n03p031
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A Classification System for California's Hardwood Rangelands
Barbara H. Allen and Barbara A. Holzman and Rand R. Evett
February 1991 pp1-45, DOI#10.3733/hilg.v59n02p045
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