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Revision of the genus Sternostoma Berlese and Trouessart (Acarina: Rhinonyssidae)


Deane P. Furman

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Deane P. Furman was Associate Professor of Parasitology and Associate Entomologist in the Experiment Station, Berkeley.

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Hilgardia 26(10):473-495. DOI:10.3733/hilg.v26n10p473. March 1957.

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The Genus Sternostoma(Berlese and Trouessart, 1889), is composed of mites parasitic in the nasal cavities of birds. The parasites’ primary habitat is the region of the mucous membrane-covered turbinates although they are often found in the anterior nares and even in the larynx and trachea. The mites are sluggish organisms that move slowly on and in the mucous of the cavities. The majority is collected well engorged with blood of the host.

The genus is closely related to Rhinonyssus(Trouessart, 1894), and indeed the two genera were considered by (Zumpt and Till (1955))3 and (Pereira and de Castro (1949)) to be the same—an opinion not shared here.

The genus Sternostoma was erected by (Berlese and Trouessart (1889)) to accommodate the species S. cryptorhynchum. (Trouessart (1895)) proposed the name Sternostomum as an emendation of the earlier Sternostoma, and added the species Sternostoma rhinolethrum: Sternostoma, having priority, remains the valid name. (De Castro (1948)) and (Strandtmann (1951)) demonstrated that S. rhinolethrum belongs in the genus Rhinonyssus as described by (Trouessart (1894)).

(Vitzthum (1935)) and (Bregetova (1950), (1951) distinguish between Sternostoma with two dorsal plates and Sternostomum with one dorsal plate. Under this interpretation, Sternostomum would include some species from Sternostoma and some from Rhinonyssus. This viewpoint does not seem tenable since the dorsal plates are obviously regressing in these mites and do not represent a stable characteristic.

(De Castro (1948)) and (Pereira and de Castro (1949)) recognize, as subgenera, Rhinonyssus with one dorsal plate and Sternostoma with two dorsal plates, and include both in the genus Rhinonyssus. Here, again, too great a stress has been placed on the number of dorsal plates.

(Zumpt and Till (1955)) agree with de Castro and Pereira, but, pointing out that the name Sternosioma has priority over Rhinonyssus, use the former generic name.

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Furman D. 1957. Revision of the genus Sternostoma Berlese and Trouessart (Acarina: Rhinonyssidae). Hilgardia 26(10):473-495. DOI:10.3733/hilg.v26n10p473
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