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Cation-exchange equilibria on a Yolo loam


H. E. Jensen
K. L. Babcock

Authors Affiliations

H. E. Jensen was Assistant Professor, Hydrotechnical Laboratory, Royal Veterinary and Agricultural College, Copenhagen, Denmark; K. L. Babcock was Professor of Soil Chemistry, Department of Soils and Plant Nutrition, Berkeley and Soil Chemist in the Experiment Station.

Publication Information

Hilgardia 41(16):475-487. DOI:10.3733/hilg.v41n16p475. January 1973.

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An experimental study was made of several cation-exchange reactions on a Yolo loam soil by means of a leaching procedure. Adsorption isotherms for the K-Na, K-Mg, K-Ca, and Mg-Ca ion pairs were obtained. An application of thermodynamic equations was used to find the equilibrium constants and free-energy changes for the reactions. Activity coefficients of the adsorbed ions were also calculated. A comparison of various selectivity coefficients was included.

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Jensen H, Babcock K. 1973. Cation-exchange equilibria on a Yolo loam. Hilgardia 41(16):475-487. DOI:10.3733/hilg.v41n16p475
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