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Mites of the family Phytoseiidae from central Africa, with remarks on the genera of the world


A. Earl Pritchard
Edward W. Baker

Authors Affiliations

A. Earl Pritchard was Associate Entomologist in the Experiment Station, Berkeley, resigned September 15, 1961; Edward W. Baker was Acarologist, United States Department of Agriculture, Entomology Research Division, Washington, D.C.

Publication Information

Hilgardia 33(7):205-309. DOI:10.3733/hilg.v33n07p205. November 1962.

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The generic revision of the family Phytoseiidae that is here presented is conservative, intended to emphasize relationships rather than small differences among natural groups of species. Divergent species are discussed, and a number of generic transfers are made. Six broad genera are recognized that may form the basis for tribes: Typhlodromus Scheuten, Phytoseius Ribaga, Chantia, n. gen., Amblyseius Berlese, Macroseius Chant, Denmark, and Baker, and Iphiseius Berlese. New subgenera are Phytoseius (Pennaseius), Amblyseius (Pennaseius), and Iphiseius (Trochoseius).

The following new species are described:

Typhlodromus (Seiulus) sentus

Typblodromus (Typhlodromus) magdalenae

Typhlodromus (Neoseiulus) ndibu

Phytoseius (Pennaseius) amba

Phytoseius (Phytoseius) yira

Phytoseius (Phytoseius) ferox

Chantia paradoxa

Amblyseius (Amblyseius) teke

Amblyseius (Amblyseius) lula

Amblyseius (Amblyseius) sundi

Amblyseius (Amblyseius) genya

Amblyseius (Amblyseius) rykei

Amblyseius (Amblyseius) shi

Amblyseius (Amblyseius) olombo

Amblyseius (Amblyseius) havu

Amblyseius (Amblyseius) hima

Amblyseius (Amblyseius) hutu

Amblyseius (Amblyseius) tutsi

Amblyseius (Amblyseius) swaga

Amblyseius (Amblyseius) hum

Amblyseius (Amblyseius) lokele

Amblyseius (Amblyseius) talinga

Amblyseius (Amblyseius) bwende

Amblyseius (Amblyseius) mba

Amblyseius (Amblyseius) fustis

Amblyseius (Amblyseius) ntandu

Amblyseius (Amblyseius) dossei

Amblyseius (Amblysiella) athiasae

Amblyseius (Ptenoseius) horrifer

Iphiseius (Trochoseius) glomus

Iphiseius (Trochoseius) gongylus

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