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Movement of carbon disulfide vapor in soils


R. M. Hagan

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R. M. Hagan was Research Assistant in Soil Technology; resigned August 22, 1940.

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Hilgardia 14(2):81-118. DOI:10.3733/hilg.v14n02p081. October 1941.

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This investigation was undertaken to establish quantitatively the relation between each of several soil factors and the movement of carbon disulfide (bisulfide) through the soil. A method has been devised for measuring the movement of vapor through the soil under a constant total pressure and under carefully controlled soil conditions. Though designed for this particular problem, the general method and basis of attack on gaseous movement in soils may prove useful in general studies on soil aeration and soil structure.

This paper considers the mechanics of the method and the mathematical expression for gaseous flow4 in soils. It presents samples of data concerning the effect of soil factors on the measured flows of vapor. Complete data, with detailed discussion of the rôle of each soil factor, can more suitably be presented in a separate paper.

Success in using CS2 for weed and fungus control depends upon the movement of this vapor through the soil and upon the prevention of its escape from the soil surface during and immediately after treatment. For successful field application, therefore, one should know how each soil factor—porosity, texture, degree of compaction, moisture content, and temperature—affects CS2 vapor movement in and out of the soil. This laboratory program, the first part of which is herein reported, was planned to provide such knowledge.

With a proper background of basic facts derived from laboratory studies, the worker in the field should be able to plan more reliable experiments and perform them more efficiently, and thus arrive at generalized interpretations having wide-scale application. The ultimate purpose is to provide recommendations for commercial application of CS2 in weed control that will insure success at a minimum cost.

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Hagan R. 1941. Movement of carbon disulfide vapor in soils. Hilgardia 14(2):81-118. DOI:10.3733/hilg.v14n02p081
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