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Some factors influencing the rooting of vine cuttings


A. J. Winkler

Author Affiliations

A. J. Winkler was Assistant Viticulturist in the Experiment Station.

Publication Information

Hilgardia 2(8):329-352. DOI:10.3733/hilg.v02n08p329. January 1927.

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A perfect “stand” is rarely obtained in rooting vine cuttings. The difficulty of securing a high percentage of rootings2 varies greatly with the varieties of the different species and their hybrids. Some of the best phylloxera-resistant stocks are rooted with great difficulty. When the importance of propagating by cuttings and the difficulties of rooting are considered, the value of any treatments or methods of handling which will increase the proportion of cuttings that root or which will improve the quality of the rootings produced is obvious.

The objects of this investigation were to determine the influence on the number of cuttings that rooted and on the quality of the rootings produced of (1) the starch content of the cutting, as indicated by the iodine test, (2) the time of planting, and (3) treatment with oxidizing agents.

The Starch Content of Cuttings as Indicated by the Iodine Test

The iodine test as an indication of the stored reserve foods of cuttings has been successfuly applied by some of the leading nurserymen of Europe in selecting stocks for grafting.

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Winkler A. 1927. Some factors influencing the rooting of vine cuttings. Hilgardia 2(8):329-352. DOI:10.3733/hilg.v02n08p329
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