University of California

The absorption of ions by citrus and walnut seedlings


A. R. C. Haas
H. S. Reed

Authors Affiliations

A. R. C. Haas was Assistant Plant Physiologist in Experiment Station; H. S. Reed was Professor of Plant Physiology and Plant Physiologist in Experiment Station.

Publication Information

Hilgardia 2(4):67-106. DOI:10.3733/hilg.v02n04p067. October 2026.

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I. Introduction

This paper is a discussion of experiments on the exchange of ions between solutions and citrus and walnut seedlings, and is intended to extend our knowledge of certain problems in nutrition. The highly important role of the ions entering the cells of a plant has long been recognized, but the dynamics of the process are far from being understood.

Previous papers from this laboratory have been concerned chiefly with the study of the effects of salts on the growth and composition of the plant; this paper will deal with the ionic exchange as affected by growing plants. Our work has dealt chiefly with citrus and walnut seedlings which we have found to be very favorable for experimentation.

II. Technic of Handling the Cultures
A. Citrus Seedling Cultures

The seedlings were germinated in moist sphagnum moss and allowed to grow until the roots were 5 to 10 em. long. Before placing the seedlings in the cultures the testa was taken from the cotyledons; the roots were dipped momentarily in distilled water and inserted into holes in tin lids placed on beakers containing the culture solution.

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Haas A, Reed H. 2026. The absorption of ions by citrus and walnut seedlings. Hilgardia 2(4):67-106. DOI:10.3733/hilg.v02n04p067
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