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Agroforestry is promising for previously cleared hardwood rangelands


Doug McCreary

Author Affiliations

D. McCreary is Area Natural Resources Specialist, UC Sierra Foothill Research and Extension Center, Browns Valley.

Publication Information

Hilgardia 55(6):37-42. DOI:10.3733/ca.v055n06p37. November 2001.

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Livestock grazing is the primary economic use of most hardwood rangelands in the coastal foothills of California. But owners of these lands may be able to increase revenues by simultaneously producing two crops, trees and sheep. In 1993, we initiated an agroforestry project at the UC Hopland Research and Extension Center to study the ability of three pine species and one hybrid to grow on cleared hardwood rangelands that are grazed by sheep. This study also evaluated the response of planted seedlings to auger and fertilization treatments. After 8 years, tree survival has been high, growth has been vigorous and damage from sheep minimal. Monterey pine and KMX pine, a cross between Monterey and knobcone pine, had the most growth. These results suggest that some pine species are promising for planting on grazing lands in coastal foothills where oaks and other hardwoods have been removed.


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McCreary D. 2001. Agroforestry is promising for previously cleared hardwood rangelands. Hilgardia 55(6):37-42. DOI:10.3733/ca.v055n06p37
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