University of California

Control of Ramularia leafspot of strawberry


A. O. Paulus
N. Welch
V. Voth
R. S. Bringhurst

Publication Information

Hilgardia 28(6):5-6. DOI:10.3733/ca.v028n06p5. June 1974.

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Benomyl or thiophanate-methyl applied as dips to strawberry nursery plants before planting provided significantly better control of Ramularia leafspot than all other materials tested. Benomyl in southern California and thiophanate-methyl or benomyl in northern California gave the best leafspot control when fungicides were applied as sprays after planting. Selecting leafspot-free plants or obtaining plants from nurseries following a benomyl spray program prevented leafspot developing in fields in southern California. Most fungicides tested were either phytotoxic or gave ineffective control of leafspot.

Paulus A, Welch N, Voth V, Bringhurst R. 1974. Control of Ramularia leafspot of strawberry. Hilgardia 28(6):5-6. DOI:10.3733/ca.v028n06p5
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