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Wild oats sown for science yield the improved Sierra variety


C. A. Suneson
M. D. Miller

Authors Affiliations

Coit A. Suneson is Research Agronomist, Crops Research Branch, A.R.S., U. S. Department of Agriculture, Davis; Milton D. Miller is Extension Agronomist, University of California, Davis.

Publication Information

Hilgardia 16(6):8-9. DOI:10.3733/ca.v016n06p8. June 1962.

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A wild oat plant (Avena fatua)–resistant to both crown and stem rusts, and with grey seed, and stiff straw–discovered in 1945, led to the actual breeding of Sierra oats which began in 1947 and was completed in 1960. Foundation seed was produced at Davis in 1961 and was distributed to growers for certified seed production in 1962.

Suneson C, Miller M. 1962. Wild oats sown for science yield the improved Sierra variety. Hilgardia 16(6):8-9. DOI:10.3733/ca.v016n06p8
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