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Effect of artificial leaf coatings on foliar chloride uptake during sprinkler irrigation


C. V. Malcolm
L. H. Stolzy
C. R. Jensen

Authors Affiliations

C. V. Malcolm was Andre Mayer Research Fellow, Soils and Plant Nutrition, University of California, Riverside, and is Research Officer in the West Australian Department of Agriculture, Perth; L. H. Stolzy was Professor of Soil Physics, Riverside; C. R. Jensen was Research Soil Physicist, Riverside.

Publication Information

Hilgardia 39(3):69-85. DOI:10.3733/hilg.v39n03p069. May 1968.

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Silicone and latex coatings applied to leaves have been used by other workers for the purpose of reducing transpiration of plants. The use of similar leaf coatings was studied by the authors for the purpose of reducing foliar chloride uptake from brackish water used for sprinkler irrigation. Significant reductions in foliar chloride uptake during sprinkling with NaCl solution were obtained by coating citrus leaves with acrylic polymer latex. The use of silicones to reduce foliar chloride uptake was not successful.

Filters having a maximum pore size of 0.20 microns were impregnated with a range of concentrations of latex material. The diffusion resistance of these impregnated filters to CO2, O2, and water vapors was studied. Concentrations of the impregnating emulsion increasing from 10 to 25 per cent caused a relatively small increase in diffusion resistance for CO2 and O2, but the use of 50 and 75 per cent emulsions caused a marked increase in diffusion resistance of the filter to these two gases.


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Malcolm C, Stolzy L, Jensen C. 1968. Effect of artificial leaf coatings on foliar chloride uptake during sprinkler irrigation. Hilgardia 39(3):69-85. DOI:10.3733/hilg.v39n03p069
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