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Sugar-beet mosaic


Henry H. P. Severin
Roger M. Drake

Authors Affiliations

Henry H. P. Severin was Entomologist in the Experiment Station; Roger M. Drake was Formerly graduate student in Entomology and Parasitology.

Publication Information

Hilgardia 18(13):483-521. DOI:10.3733/hilg.v18n13p483. November 1948.

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Sugar-beet mosaic investigations conducted in California include tests on host range, symptomatology, properties of the virus, and various aspects of transmission by insects, especially aphids.

The economic plants in one family demonstrated to be naturally infected with the sugar-beet-mosaic virus were as follows:


Beta vulgaris, sugar beet, mangel or stock beet, and garden beet

Beta vulgaris var. cicla, Swiss chard

Spinacia oleraceae, spinach

In addition to the economic plants naturally infected, the following plants in three families were experimentally infected with the virus:


Kochia scoparia var. trichophila, common summer cypress


Tetragonia expansa, New Zealand spinach


Nicotiana tabacum, tobacco (Havana-type variety and Primus variety)

The sequence of symptoms on these host plants, and even on a single host plant, vary widely. The incubation period of the disease in sugar beets averages about 8 days in the greenhouse and 25 days outdoors.

Ten species of plants in five families were found to be nonsusceptible. An attempt was made to recover the virus from all plants that failed to show symptoms.

The properties of the virus extract from the leaves are summarized as follows: thermal inactivation was 60° C in 10-minute exposures; freezing the expressed juice at -18° C resulted in a monthly decrease in the number of infections to zero at the end of five months; tolerance to dilution of extracted juice was 1:5,000; and tolerance to aging in vitro at room temperature was 6 days.

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Severin H, Drake R. 1948. Sugar-beet mosaic. Hilgardia 18(13):483-521. DOI:10.3733/hilg.v18n13p483
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