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Characters, distribution, and food plants of phlepsid leafhopper vectors of California aster-yellows virus


Dwight M. DeLong
Henry H. P. Severin

Authors Affiliations

Dwight M. DeLong was Professor of Entomology, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio; Henry H. P. Severin was Entomologist in the Experiment Station.

Publication Information

Hilgardia 17(1):1-20. DOI:10.3733/hilg.v17n01p001. October 1945.

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(Severin (1934), (1940)4 has previously reported that 3 species and 1 physiological race of leafhoppers transmit the California aster-yellows virus. The present paper deals with the characters, distribution, habitat, and food plants of six species of phlepsid leafhopper vectors. A companion paper (Severin, 1945) presents evidence that the transmission of the virus by the 6 species is not specific.

The genus Phlepsius was established by (Fieber (1866)) for a small number of European species. (Van Duzee (1892)) published the first paper on North American forms and recorded 18 species, including 13 new ones. Later his catalogue (Van Duzee, 1917)) recorded 63 species and 1 variety of Phlepsius, including 7 species occurring in California. (Ball (1918)), who recorded the Mexican and Central American species, established 4 new subgenera. (Osborn and Lathrop (1923)), publishing a synopsis of the genus, discussed 89 North American species and 1 variety of both genera, and recorded 11 species occurring in California. After their paper had appeared, (DeLong (1923)) discussed the food plants and habitats of some of the North American Phlepsius. (Ball (1927)) discussed the synonomy of North American phlepsids and established 1 new subgenus. A later paper (Ball, 1931) described some new species and varieties of Phlepsius. (DeLong and Caldwell (1937)) in their check list of the Cicadellidae of America, north of Mexico, recorded 69 species and 4 varieties in the genus Phlepsius, 5 species occurring in California; and 29 species and 1 variety in the genus Texananus, 7 species distributed in California.

(DeLong (1938a)) described 4 new species of Texanamus and 3 new species of Phlepsius. In the same year (1938b), he described 3 new species of Texananus, one of which, pergradus, is a vector discussed in this paper.

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DeLong D, Severin H. 1945. Characters, distribution, and food plants of phlepsid leafhopper vectors of California aster-yellows virus. Hilgardia 17(1):1-20. DOI:10.3733/hilg.v17n01p001
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