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The California State Land Settlements at Durham and Delhi


Roy J. Smith

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Roy J. Smith was Assistant Professor of Agricultural Economics, Assistant Agricultural Economist in the Experiment Station, and Assistant Agricultural Economist on the Giannini Foundation.

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Hilgardia 15(5):399-492. DOI:10.3733/hilg.v15n05p399. October 1943.

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The objectives of this study have been to discover and analyze the problems that were encountered in the California State Land Settlements at Durham and Delhi. The study has been made because of current settlement activity by various governmental authorities and because it is believed that the California settlements contain in their history information which should be of value to those who are interested in such activities. The leader of the California program was the outstanding authority in the field. The plans involved were of a fundamental and important character. The problems encountered were varied and difficult.

No attempt has been made here to compare these settlements with any others. In particular there is no comparison of governmental projects with private projects. Any such analysis would require a study of far larger scope than that which has been attempted here. This is a case study, and such generalizations as are made are due to the nature of the particular data or problem concerned and do not apply generally to various methods of land settlement.

Background and Objectives

In 1917 the State of California initiated a land-settlement program designed to improve the methods then in use and to encourage further developments.5 Under a land-settlement act, two settlements were established, one at Durham with about 130 settlers, and one at Delhi with about 230 settlers. (For location, see inset map, fig. 3, p. 412.)

Smith R. 1943. The California State Land Settlements at Durham and Delhi. Hilgardia 15(5):399-492. DOI:10.3733/hilg.v15n05p399
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