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The chemical status of zinc in the soil with methods of analysis


P. L. Hibbard

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P. L. Hibbard was Chemist in the Experiment Station, Emeritus.

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Hilgardia 13(1):1-29. DOI:10.3733/hilg.v13n01p001. January 1940.

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Zinc has long been known to occur in the soil in minute amounts, but little is known about the forms in which it occurs and the extent to which it occurs in forms available to plants. Rather recently, zinc deficiencies have been shown to be a cause of certain disorders of plants. In California an elaborate, systematic investigation has been made of the relation of zinc to little-leaf of deciduous fruit trees and to mottle-leaf of citrus trees; the history of this investigation and a review of literature on the subject is given by Chandler (6)4. These discoveries have emphasized the need for a laboratory test for available zinc in soils.

Twenty or thirty years ago, a few European workers reported studies on zinc naturally present in soils and on its importance as a plant nutrient.

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Hibbard P. 1940. The chemical status of zinc in the soil with methods of analysis. Hilgardia 13(1):1-29. DOI:10.3733/hilg.v13n01p001
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