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Relative growth and hereditary size limitation in the domestic fowl


I. Michael Lerner

Author Affiliations

I. Michael Lerner was Instructor in Poultry Husbandry.

Publication Information

Hilgardia 10(13):511-560. DOI:10.3733/hilg.v10n13p511. February 1937.

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The problem of size inheritance has been extensively studied by many investigators since Mendel’s demonstration of a genetic basis for stature in peas. Many different types of study have been undertaken by different investigators, working with diverse material. Probably, however, no single method of investigation is capable of yielding a complete solution to a problem as complex as that of size inheritance, and any individual approach can only be considered as giving additional evidence on the subject. In order to evaluate the contribution of such single approach, the problem as a whole must be visualized. Hence, when an attempt is made to present new evidence from a little-explored approach, an inventory of the work that has been done in this general field may be timely.

Review of Literature

In general, data obtained on various plants and animals show that the basis of size inheritance may in some cases be vested in single-factor differences and in other cases in a rather complicated scheme of multiple factors.

Cases of Single-Factor Control of Size Differences.—Cases of the first type are comparatively rare, although they extend throughout both the plant and the animal kingdom. In some instances it may be suspected that the single factors exert their influence at some critical stage of growth, affecting the development of certain organs which control size.

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