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Plant buffer systems in relation to the absorption of bases by plants


T. C. Dunne

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T. C. Dunne was Research Assistant in Plant Nutrition; resigned July 1, 1930.

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Hilgardia 7(5):207-234. DOI:10.3733/hilg.v07n05p207. November 1932.

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In view of the important storage and other functions of the parenchyma tissues of agricultural plants, it may be granted that it is of paramount importance that these tissues be kept in a healthy condition. The work of many investigators suggests that a certain degree of constancy of the hydrogen-ion concentration of such tissues is an important factor. To assist in maintaining the proper reaction, a system of buffering in the vacuolar sap with respect to hydrogen ion is presumably necessary. This paper deals with the buffer systems involved as reflected in the sap4 obtained by expression. The special feature of the investigation was the use of plants grown under controlled conditions of solution or sand-culture technique. Aside from some earlier work conducted in this laboratory, very little study has been made of sap obtained from plants grown in definitely controlled nutrient solutions.

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Dunne T. 1932. Plant buffer systems in relation to the absorption of bases by plants. Hilgardia 7(5):207-234. DOI:10.3733/hilg.v07n05p207
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