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A comparative investigation of certain film-forming fungi


M. A. Joslyn
W. V. Cruess

Authors Affiliations

M. A. Joslyn was Research Assistant in Fruit Products; W. V. Cruess was Associate Professor of Fruit Products and Chemist in the Experiment Station.

Publication Information

Hilgardia 4(9):201-240. DOI:10.3733/hilg.v04n09p201. November 1929.

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Aerobic, film-forming microorganisms of yeast-like appearance occur very commonly on brines used in the storage of olives and vegetables used for pickles and on fermented liquors such as cider, wine, and beer. They are commonly known as Mycoderma vini or ‘wine flowers’ when they occur on fruit products, as Mycoderma cerevisiae on cereal products, and as ‘film yeast’ or ‘scum’ on pickle brines. These microorganisms are of considerable economic importance, for they bring about certain undesirable conditions in the flavor, odor, and composition of food products on which they grow.

Although certain forms of Mycoderma cerevisiae and Mycoderma vini have been extensively studied,4 the forms occurring on the surface of vegetable and olive brines have received relatively scant attention. The object of this investigation has been to study Mycodermas5 from these sources in comparison with Mycoderma vini and certain molds found in association with this and other Mycodermas.

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Joslyn M, Cruess W. 1929. A comparative investigation of certain film-forming fungi. Hilgardia 4(9):201-240. DOI:10.3733/hilg.v04n09p201
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