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The application of hydrodynamics to irrigation and drainage problems


Orson W. Israelsen

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Hilgardia 2(14):479-530. DOI:10.3733/hilg.v02n14p479. April 1927.

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The maintenance of soil fertility in irrigated regions depends in part on control of the movement of ground water and of soil moisture. It is apparent that knowledge of the laws governing the flow of water in soils is essential to the effective control of its movement. Much experimental work has been done on the movement of water in soils but comparatively little use has been made of the fundamental laws of motion, either as a guide to experimental procedure, or in the interpretation of the experimental observations. Intelligent guidance to irrigation engineers, to managers of irrigation systems, and indeed to practical irrigators, in the proper use of irrigation water and in the solution of problems in the maintenance of soil fertility which arise from its improper use, is dependent on a knowledge of the laws which control the movement of water in soil. It is, therefore, important that experimenters studying movement of moisture in soils should ascertain to what extent the fundamental laws of motion of fluids advantageously may be applied to their problems.

Hydrodynamics is that branch of physics which deals with the motion of fluids.

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Israelsen O. 1927. The application of hydrodynamics to irrigation and drainage problems. Hilgardia 2(14):479-530. DOI:10.3733/hilg.v02n14p479
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