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Physiological aspects of soil solution investigations


D. R. Hoagland

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Hilgardia 1(11):227-257. DOI:10.3733/hilg.v01n11p227. November 1925.

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In investigations of the chemical system constituted by the soil and the plant, it is unavoidable, in the majority of cases, that the research should be directed into some specialized phase of soil chemistry, or of plant physiology. Little opportunity is afforded to make direct comparisons between soil conditions and the conditions of artificial cultures. For the past ten years, however, the California Experiment Station has conducted various soil and plant investigations which have made possible such comparisons. This has brought up for discussion numerous questions pertaining to the physiological aspects of soil solution investigations, and perhaps it is worth while to pause for a short time, in the course of detailed study of experiments, to take a general survey of several important physiological phases of the soil-plant system.


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Hoagland D. 1925. Physiological aspects of soil solution investigations. Hilgardia 1(11):227-257. DOI:10.3733/hilg.v01n11p227
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