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The influence of feeding lactose or dry skim-milk on artificial infection of chicks with Eimeria avium


J. R. Beach
D. E. Davis

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Hilgardia 1(8):167-181. DOI:10.3733/hilg.v01n08p167. October 1925.

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The experiments reported in this paper consist of a series of five trials in which it was attempted to combat artificially-produced coccidial infection in chicks by feeding them with sufficient lactose or dry skim milk to change the hydrogen ion concentration of the ceca from the normal range of 6.0-7.4 to a range of 4.4-5.6. It was thought that, by this means, an environment unfavorable or destructive to the tissue-invading stages of the parasite, viz., the sporozoites and merozoites, might be created.

The first three trials were carried out under laboratory conditions, the chicks being confined in cages with grilled bottoms and fed in cups suspended on the cage doors. In the last two trials, the chicks were reared in brooder pens under normal field conditions, except that no outside runs were provided.

After the feeding of lactose or dry skim milk was begun, the chicks were inoculated by introducing into their crops with a pipette a large number of sporulated oöeysts of Eimeria aoium. A control group of chicks that was fed neither lactose nor dry skim milk was included in each trial. An estimate of the number of cysts administered to each chick was obtained by making a direct microscopic count of the cysts in 1/100 c.c. of the inoculum. Material for inoculation was provided by cultures of the cecal contents of chicks affected with coccidiosis prepared as follows: A thin layer of cecal contents containing large numbers of oöcysts was spread over the surface of salt solution agar plates,1 Salt solution to keep the surface of the plates moist was added as required. The cultures were incubated at room temperature until microscopic examination showed that sporulation of the oöeysts had occurred.

Beach J, Davis D. 1925. The influence of feeding lactose or dry skim-milk on artificial infection of chicks with Eimeria avium. Hilgardia 1(8):167-181. DOI:10.3733/hilg.v01n08p167
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