University of California

Stubble height standards for Sierra Nevada meadows can be difficult to meet


David F Lile
Kenneth W Tate
Donald L Lancaster
Betsy M Karle

Authors Affiliations

D.F. Lile is Natural Resources and Livestock Advisor, UC Cooperative Extension, Lassen County; K.W. Tate is Rangeland Watershed Specialist, UC Davis; D.L. Lancaster is Natural Resources Advisor, UC Cooperative Extension, Modoc County; B.M. Karle is Research Associate, UC Davis.

Publication Information

Hilgardia 57(2):60-64. DOI:10.3733/ca.v057n02p60. April 2003.

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Standards for the height of herbaceous vegetation remaining in meadows at the end of the growing season have been, and continue to be, implemented on public grazing lands throughout the Sierra Nevada. Although supporting research is limited, stubble height standards are intended to benefit riparian resources by limiting grazing pressure. This study illustrates how the timing and intensity of defoliation in mountain meadows can affect the stubble height of herbaceous vegetation at the end of the growing season, and compares these findings with current standards. The research also can help livestock operators and public lands managers develop grazing management strategies to meet stubble height standards and conduct local applied research to evaluate the appropriateness of general stubble height standards.


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Lile D, Tate K, Lancaster D, Karle B. 2003. Stubble height standards for Sierra Nevada meadows can be difficult to meet. Hilgardia 57(2):60-64. DOI:10.3733/ca.v057n02p60
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