University of California

Structural pest management: The search for new termite control strategies


Michael K. Rust
J. Kenneth Grace
David L. Wood
Donald A. Reierson

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Hilgardia 42(5):15-18. DOI:10.3733/ca.v042n05p15. September 1988.

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The economic loss due to structural pests in California is immeasurable. The state's structural pest control industry, estimated at $300 million plus, consists of more than1,200 companies and 6,000 pest control licensees. In addition, consumers pay in excess of $50 million annually for over–the–counter pesticides for use in and around the house.

University of California scientists have taken the initiative in developing urban pest management during the last 30 years. These researchers and the Pest Control Operators of California recently joined forces to help provide additional professional training for the industry and stimulate research in urban pest management. The following articles on structural pests report on some of the current research in this field.

Rust M, Grace J, Wood D, Reierson D. 1988. Structural pest management: The search for new termite control strategies. Hilgardia 42(5):15-18. DOI:10.3733/ca.v042n05p15
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