University of California

Over-tree sprinkling reduces abnormal shapes in ‘Bing’ sweet cherries


Stephen M. Southwick
Kenneth A. Shackel
James T. Yeager
Wesley K. Asai
Matt Katacich

Publication Information

Hilgardia 45(4):24-26. DOI:10.3733/ca.v045n04p24. July 1991.

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The ‘Bing’ sweet cherry produces increased numbers of abnormal fruit shapes when grown in certain regions in California, rendering the fruit less marketable. Postharvest under- and over-tree sprinkler irrigation led to a reduction in the production of abnormal fruit shapes indicating that canopy climate modification maybe an alternative to growers producing ‘Bing’ cherries in those regions where these abnormal fruit shapes are prevalent.

Southwick S, Shackel K, Yeager J, Asai W, Katacich M. 1991. Over-tree sprinkling reduces abnormal shapes in ‘Bing’ sweet cherries. Hilgardia 45(4):24-26. DOI:10.3733/ca.v045n04p24
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