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E. D. Merrill

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Dean, College of Agriculture, and Director of the Agricultural Experiment Station, Berkeley, California.

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Hilgardia 1(1):0-0. DOI:10.3733/hilg.v01n01p001. May 1925.

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With the completion of number twenty of the Technical Papers of this institution, the publication of which was commenced in January, 1923, this title has been abandoned and in the future the general type of articles formerly issued in the Technical Papers will be published under the title Hilgardia. The numbers will be paged consecutively and as a volume of reasonable length is completed, a title page, table of contents, and general index will be prepared for each volume.

The chief reason for this change is the cumbersome title of the technical series, it being necessary to quote in full or by abbreviation of the major words the full title, which originally was: “University of California Publications. The Agricultural Experiment Station of the College of Agriculture, Technical Paper No. —.” Due to policies adopted by the University Press it became necessary to change this title and the last few numbers were issued under the equally cumbersome title: “University of California, College of Agriculture, Agricultural Experiment Station, Berkeley, California, Technical Paper No. —.” The advantages of a title consisting of a single word are manifest.

The title Hilgardia has been selected to commemorate the services of Doctor Eugene Woldemar Hilgard (1833-1916), who organized the Agricultural Department of the University of California, and who founded the Agricultural Experiment Station in 1875.

President Benjamin Ide Wheeler at the Memorial Services held in honor of Doctor Hilgard, January 30, 1916, stated regarding his services:*

“Eugene Woldemar Hilgard has kept the faith. He has lived among his fellow men in active respect for the principles of order and authority. He has built his life into one of the most institutional forms of human society.

Merrill E. 1925. Explanatory note. Hilgardia 1(1):0-0. DOI:10.3733/hilg.v01n01p001
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