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Imperial Valley conditions limit Karnal bunt in wheat


Gerald J. Holmes
Lee F. Jackson
Thomas M. Perring

Authors Affiliations

G.J. Holmes is former Imperial County Cooperative Extension Pathology Farm Advisor, UCCE Imperial County, and currently Professor and Extension Plant Pathologist, Department of Plant Pathology, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, N.C; L.F. Jackson is Extension Agronomist, Department of Agronomy and Range Science, UC Davis; T.M. Perring is Professor, Department of Entomology and Coordinator for Planning, Institute for Desert Agriculture, UC Riverside.

Publication Information

Hilgardia 51(3):29-32. DOI:10.3733/ca.v051n03p29. May 1997.

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The amount of disease occurring in any given area depends on the presence of the pathogen in sufficient abundance, susceptible hosts and favorable climatic conditions. Each of these factors were severely limiting to the establishment of Karnal bunt (KB) in the Imperial Valley during the 1996 growing season, and none of the 1,476 fields (106,592 acres) tested was shown to be infected with KB. Karnal bunt does not appear to be a threat to wheat production in the Imperial Valley because desert conditions are unfavorable for its development. However, this does not rule out the possibility that low levels of disease may occur occasionally. Assuming that current growing conditions continue and that KB-free seed is planted, the Imperial Valley is at low risk for a KB outbreak.


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Holmes G, Jackson L, Perring T. 1997. Imperial Valley conditions limit Karnal bunt in wheat. Hilgardia 51(3):29-32. DOI:10.3733/ca.v051n03p29
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