University of California

California wheat as a feed ingredient for turkeys


Kirk C. Klasing
Susan A. Klasing
David M. Barnes

Publication Information

Hilgardia 42(4):13-14. DOI:10.3733/ca.v042n04p13. July 1988.

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Although wheat is normally considered a grain primarily for human food, it has been used successfully in poultry diets for many years. The amount of wheat included in a least-cost ration formulation depends largely on the price of wheat relative to that of corn or other energy-providing feedstuffs and, to a lesser extent, the price of fat and protein sources. In recent years, considerable amounts of wheat have been included in least-cost formulations for poultry because of a variety of agronomic, economic, and political circumstances.

Klasing K, Klasing S, Barnes D. 1988. California wheat as a feed ingredient for turkeys. Hilgardia 42(4):13-14. DOI:10.3733/ca.v042n04p13
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