University of California

Manipulating vineyard weeds with herbicides


Dean R. Donaldson
Clyde L. Elmore
Sherri E. Gallagher
John A. Roncoroni

Publication Information

Hilgardia 42(3):15-16. DOI:10.3733/ca.v042n03p15. May 1988.

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Vineyard weeds vary from location to location but often include a broad complex of 15 to 25 species. Most vineyard managers control weeds by applying herbicides or by plowing a strip down the crop row. Weeds between the rows are controlled by discing or mowing (mechanical or chemical) in a total weed control program. In some vineyards, annual or perennial grass or broadleaf cover crops are planted between the rows.

Donaldson D, Elmore C, Gallagher S, Roncoroni J. 1988. Manipulating vineyard weeds with herbicides. Hilgardia 42(3):15-16. DOI:10.3733/ca.v042n03p15
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