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Ten new walnut varieties released


E. F. Serr
H. I. Forde

Authors Affiliations

E. F. Serr (deceased) was Lecturer and Pomologist, Emeritus;; H. I. Forde is Laboratory Technician IV, Department of Pomology, U.C. Davis.

Publication Information

Hilgardia 22(4):8-9. DOI:10.3733/ca.v022n04p8. April 1968.

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The decision to introduce these new walnut varieties and the selection of names was made before the untimely death of E. F. Serr, who was in charge of the walnut breeding program in the Department of Pomology at Davis up to the time of his retirement in 1965. Assisted by H. I. Forde, Serr planned the crosses and made the selections. After his retirement, Serr continued evaluating the most promising selections coming from this work and in early December 1967 suggested that these ten be introduced.

Their excellent performance to date has stimulated an interest by the walnut industry and justifies naming and introducing them at this time. Introduction of the varieties is additionally appropriate during celebration of the University's centennial year since the varieties in themselves are another illustration of the contributions made by the University and its Agricultural Experiment Station during 100 years of service to the state and agriculture.

All of the names chosen for the selections are those proposed by Mr. Serr, except for selection 59–129. The suggestion was made to the Department of Pomology by members of the walnut industry that one of the varieties be named for Mr. Serr in recognition of his service to the University and to the fruit and nut industries in the state—the walnut industry in particular. His colleagues in the Department readily concurred in this suggestion and chose the name, Serr, for selection 59–129.

The text of the article introducing these varieties was essentially prepared by Serr when he submitted data requesting approval of the names and the introduction of the varieties.

Serr E, Forde H. 1968. Ten new walnut varieties released. Hilgardia 22(4):8-9. DOI:10.3733/ca.v022n04p8
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