University of California

Herbicides for control of annual weeds in California apples and pears


A. H. Lange
C. L. Elmore
G. W. Morehead
E. K. Stilwell
S. M. Mcritchie
D. W. Chaney
J. J. Smith
L. C. Hendricks
K. O. Roberts

Authors Affiliations

Arthur H. Lange is Extension Weed Control Specialist, Agricultural Extension Service, University of California, Riverside; Clyde L. Elmore is Extension Service Weed Technologist, Davis; Gordon W. Morehead is Farm Advisor, Sacramento County; Edwin K. Stilwell is Farm Advisor, Contra Costa County; Scott M. McRitchie is Farm Advisor, Butte County; David H. Chaney is Farm Advisor, Sutter County; John J. Smith is Farm Advisor, Placer County; Lonnie C. Hendricks is Farm Advisor, Merced County; Kim O. Roberts is Farm Advisor, Sonoma County.

Publication Information

Hilgardia 21(3):10-12. DOI:10.3733/ca.v021n03p10. March 1967.

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Pre-emergence herbicides such as simazine and diuron (Karmex) are widely used for annual weed control in commercial apple and pear producing areas outside California. A 1964-65 survey of California orchards showed that very few acres of apples and only about 1000 acres of pears were sprayed for annual-weed control during that winter. Both simazine and diuron have been registered for use in apples and pears by the state of California and USDA. New developments in orchard culture, including hedge-row planting of pears, together with the scarcity of hand labor, have resulted in a recent upsurge of interest on the part of California orchardists.

Lange A, Elmore C, Morehead G, Stilwell E, Mcritchie S, Chaney D, Smith J, Hendricks L, Roberts K. 1967. Herbicides for control of annual weeds in California apples and pears. Hilgardia 21(3):10-12. DOI:10.3733/ca.v021n03p10
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