University of California

The present status of … Housefly Resistance to Insecticides … in california


G. P. Georghiou
W. R. Bowen
E. C. Loomis
A. S. Deal

Authors Affiliations

G. P. Georghiou is Lecturer in Entomology and Assistant Entomologist, University of California, Riverside; W. R. Bowen is Laboratory Technician, University of California, Riverside; E. C. Loomis is Extension Parasitologist, University of California, Davis; A. S. Deal is Extension Entomologist, University of California, Riverside.

Publication Information

Hilgardia 19(10):8-10. DOI:10.3733/ca.v019n10p8. October 1965.

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Resistance to insecticides varies with diferent fly species, areas, and materials used, but flies have been able to survive and eventually build up resistant populations despite any insecticide used to date. Resistance to new compounds appears to develop even more rapidly where flies are already resistant to an earlier used compound. Well known fly control methods including good manure management and general farm sanitation in essential as a means of reducing the need for frequent insecticide applications and thus delaying the development of resistance.
Georghiou G, Bowen W, Loomis E, Deal A. 1965. The present status of … Housefly Resistance to Insecticides … in california. Hilgardia 19(10):8-10. DOI:10.3733/ca.v019n10p8
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